Laid back hair is here for the year. Something a little relaxed with long loose waves which are neither here or there are definitely key for this effortless look. Keeping the ends of your hair slightly separated and piecey helping create an undone natural texture. It’s the perfect blend of a wave mixed with a straight. You can create this look using wands, curling tong and straighteners. Depending on the size of the barrel or irons will depend on the wave. Always alternating the direction with the waves, it will help blend them into each other whilst giving a natural look. Of course leaving the ends out is a must, helping achieve that real uneven feel. Remember imperfection is definitely the way forward with this look. So, don't stress just keep it chilled.


The perfect way to keep your hair to stay.

Most of us have tried every hair product to help keep are curls and waves in place. Long lasting is key to most of us especially if it can help lock in our hair style. The Ouai haircare always seem to have something new up their sleeve. After hearing a lot about this product I needed to see if this was a hair game changer. 

A lot of people including myself spend hours alone styling our manes! The worst thing to happen is to go out and see all our hard work drop to pieces. This is where memory mist will change your life! This weightless mist is activated by heat from your hair dryer or styling tools. It locks in any style or texture you create, protecting your hair from heat up to 450 degrees while using Memory polymer technology. Helping you to use less heat, creating less damage giving you healthier long lasting hair.

As I am aware its a lot easier to see the results than read about them. So I have decided to share with you my Ouai #memorymist challenge, giving you a hair update over the last 3 days. Showing you how my waves have really lasted and how my hair feels.

I hope you enjoy xx


As Summer time is drawing to an end, we take time to cleanse, nourish and repair our manes! Heat, humidity, sun and sea can sometimes take a toll on our hair, so TLC is always key.

Starting off with a cleanse. We want to take the build up of chlorine and sea water out of our hair. Sounds crazy I know but these elements can make our hair very dehydrated causing dryness, damage and colour fading. I would recommend visiting your hair salon to get rid of those split ends and re vamping your hair colour. Remember, Autumn is on its way and is the perfect time for a change. For some people this may be harder with kids going back to school and work just round the corner, so I am here to share with you my favourite products to help restore our manes with moisture, giving our locks ultimate shine whilst helping smooth out that brittle texture.


Ready to try something new? Ouai Dry hair supplements are definitely a different way of getting moisture into the hair. Who would of thought taking a supplement could make that much difference?  Full of Omega 3, Silica ,Iron and Vitiam E sounds like the perfect recipe for moisture, restoring hydration, helping to promote healthy glossy hair. This supplement encourages hair growth and strengthens the hair follicle with hydrating nutrients. What more could you want? They are a complete game changer for anyone suffering with dry hair. Bleached beautys, damaged darlings and frizzy friends this one is for you. Every morning to start off the day take one of these supplements with a glass of water. Keep it up for 90 days and wash your worries away.







A lot of people these days can be put off conditioning masks. If used incorrectly or on the wrong type of hair, they can leave your manes feeling dull, lank and even greasy. System Professional Repair Perfect Hair is one of my all time favourite products. For weak, damaged broken hair the light weight foam internally strengthens hair fibres and restructures damaged areas using hydrolysed keratin and amino acid... Over the years I have seen miracles with this. Use after towel dried conditioned hair, it is super light weight and also a great heat protector. Apply 2-6 pumps throughout your manes and style as usual. Not only helping to protect but also strengthen your locks.








We have all heard of Olaplaex right?

This isn't a conditioner or a moisturiser. it is actually something quite amazing. It rebuilds our broken bonds whilst strengthening our manes. It is the perfect way to repair our summer hair. No 3 is the take home must! You don't actually have to have used Olaplaex No 1 & No 2 in salon, but it works best by using all 3 systems.  But don't worry I promise you will still see benefits from olaplaex No 3... This product can be applied to dry hair, unless hair is slightly oily or has a build up of product on it. If so, give your hair a light wash, apply a generous amount to towel dried hair and comb though roots to ends. Leave on for a minium 10 minutes, the longer you leave it on the more effective it will be. Once you let your manes soak, rinse well, shampoo and condition as usual. Then you are ready to style. I personally love to use this treatment once a week, but for someone needing a little more TLC on their locks I would recommend twice a week. If you want to find out more on Olpalex check out my previous blog post explaining all the 911.