Olaplaex is a new revolution to the hair world. It helps rebuild damaged bonds within the hair. Think about it this way... our hair is structured through the connection of several bonds. These bonds can be broken at times due to colour, heat tools, straightening treatments and perms. It can also be used in colouring products and will stop damage or breakage to the hair. Olaplex has created a new generation to rebuild the bonds back together. There are three steps in this process.

Step 1-Bond Mutilplayer

Step 2-Bond Perfector

Step 3-Hair Perfector

Steps 1 and 2 can only be achieved in a salon (Hob Salons). Step 3 you can buy and take home with you. This will enable you to maintain your healthy mane at home, inbetween salon visits. 

I have been using Olaplex for the last 5 months and what a difference I have seen in my hair. Firstly, not only is my hair healthy and strong, but I have been able to go through the routine of dying my hair from brown to blonde several times without any breakage. It has transformed my hair back to a non chemical state. I want you to fall in love with this product as much as I have!