GHD hair tools complete my styling essentials. With a choice of maxi, mini and classic straighteners, tongs, wands and hairdryers, GHD has a vast range to create any style for every individual. The brand have completely revolutionised the way we style our hair, making everyday a perfect hair day. 

GHD straighteners: 

Starting off with the GHD IV Styler - the ultimate classic straighteners. From sleek sexy waves, to bouncy curls, natural soft movement to poker straight, you can create any style to look professional and effortless. I personally love these irons and find they hold curls and waves the best. They are only £99 and will last for years. 

GHD V GOLD is a more upgraded version of the GHD IV. These come in 3 different sizes - Mini, Maxi and Classic. The Mini I would recommend for short hair, tight ringlet curls and baby hair around the hairline and nape. The Maxi stylers can be used on thicker and longer hair, but can also be used on short hair to create a more natural style. Classics are my favourite stylers - they meet the middle range of both irons and can be used on most hair types. They have a rounder barrel which are easier to use when curling your hair. It has a lighter and cooler casing, and a long lasting cable. These stylers are released in limited edition and often come in a beautiful gift set, normally consisting of a travel bag with small goodies. They start from £119 depending on the size and set. 

GHD platinums stylers are the latest addition to the GHD family. They style faster and use less heat. Using innovative tri-zone technology, each plate contains three sensors to keep an equal temperature across the plates. This is to ensure you get an even finish from roots to ends. 

These are the only straighteners out right now with this technology! They also have a heat resistant and protective plate guard that will prevent damage and be kinder to your manes. 

I find these stylers are amazing on really thick and extremely curly hair as they straighten and smooth the texture of your hair very quickly. 

Available in black and white or often as a limited edition sets, they start from £165.

When buying GHD stylers, always make sure that they are true stylers. I know it's hard to believe, but there are a lot of fake editions out there online so don't be fooled. I would recommend buying these stylers from the GHD official website, a hair salon or department store.