The biggest trend approaching the hair world this season is natural effortless wavy hair. Don't be fooled by this easy-breezy style, you don't just wake up like this! Most hair stylists will agree with me and say it is a lot harder to make unperfected hair look perfect. My key essential product to create this look is a texture spray. This will add weightless texture, a matte look and gritty feel to the hair. Texture sprays are applied to dry and damp hair, and can be used at the roots to absorb oil or create volume. This spray can be used effectively on our ponytails to add thickness and texture. Spraying it through the mid-lengths and ends of our hair will give us that beachy tousled look. Here are my top 3 TEXTURE SPRAYS that travel around with me everywhere. 


Not only is this product a perfect texture spray but also a professional dry shampoo. It will absorb oil and completely refresh the hair, giving your manes instant texture and volume and allowing you a long lasting look. This product can be used on dry or damp hair and works on oily or clean hair as well. Shake the can before using it, and spray it 30 cm away from the hair. If you spray too close it could leave a white residue. I personally love using it on wavy hair, spraying the hair through the mid-length and ends while slightly teasing. Chucking your head upside down and spraying dynamic throughout, will give you ultra volume while creating a natural bed head look. Spraying it on damp hair and drying it in with your fingers will give a soft texture. Dynamic comes in a 200ml in addition to a 75ml can, which is a perfect mini to squeeze in your handbag for any occasion. 



This is the ultimate quick fix styling spray, whether your hair is thick, fine, curly or straight. This invisible spray is light-weight creating bigger, better and bolder hair, whilst building volume, absorbing oil and giving you ultimate texture. I would personally use it on dry hair, but it can be used on damp hair using heat afterwards to set it. It also works as a great teasing tool at the root as well as through the mid-lengths and ends. It is great to use on up-do styles giving you natural grit and extreme hold. It brushes out extremely easily so you can create different looks throughout your day. It also comes in 2 sizes, large and mini, so one for home and one to store at work or in your handbag for a quick change from day to evening. 



I am obsessed with this spray. The Jen Atkin range is insane, not only is she the queen of natural wavy hair but she helps us reach our hair goals, embracing real women and real hair. Don't let the name fool you, it is not a hair spray and will not give a tacky or sticky texture to the hair. It will give you more hold than a dry shampoo but is ultra light weight. Creating a model off-duty look with volume and texture, absorbing oils and refreshing hair. For best results, spray 6'' away from your hair, starting at the roots taking it through to the ends. For extra volume flip hair upside down and spritz. A great technique is spraying and scrunching, using your fingers to loosen the hair giving you an effortless look. Lasting you all day and all night making us mane addicts.