The Dyson supersonic hairdryer has been in the making for 4 years. The technology of it is so unique and the way it is designed is so beautiful, you wouldn't want to keep it hidden. It is one of the quietist, fastest and hair friendly hair dryers made to this day.

So what's so different about this hair dryer? 

Well firstly, the design not only is a lot lighter than other hairdryers but Dyson has created a digital motor which sits exactly in the handle of the hairdryer. This creates a lot more of an even balance when you are holding it. The air temperature is monitored 20 times a second and prevents heat damage to the hair. It can also be seen as a protection shield against your mane. The sound on this hairdryer is a lot quieter than others but don't except it to make no noise...remember, it is not a silent hairdryer. 


This hair dryer has 3 different speed settings. These are - fast, regular and gentle. It also has 4 different heat settings, which is incredible for a compact hairdryer. It comes with three magnetic heat shield attachments that clip on to the hair dryer. This is great as you won't be running around trying to attach the nozzle every time you turn your hairdryer on. The first one is a smoothing nozzle which controls the air flow to create a smoother more natural finish. The second one is a styling concentrator, designed for precise drying which gives you more control and helps you create the perfect style. Lastly is a diffuser which will create an even heat and speed distribution around the hair to help define curls and de-frizz hair. 


Is the price worth it? 

In my opinion, yes, the technology on this hair dryer is certainly one of a kind and it will protect your luscious locks. If you are someone who looks after your hair and wants to have beautiful hair everyday, I would absolutely invest in this hairdryer. It comes with a 2 year guarantee which you will unlikely get with most other hair dryers. 

This is a dream machine!