A lot of people these days suffer with hair loss or hair thinning. The questions that most people ask me is why? There are many factors that could cause this. It can be inherited within your family, or hormonal changes within yourself such as pregnancy or menopause. Other times it can be caused by stress or trauma which can increase your testosterone levels which can interrupt your hair growth cycle. Nutrition changes can play a huge role in thinning hair as well, such as diets or rapid weight loss. Medical changes such as steroids, birth control and even diabetes can increase sensitivity to the hair follicles which can cause hair to thin.

There are many products out there to prevent hair loss or slow down the loss. Nioxin is one of my favourite brands to work with it. They have a huge range of hair care that uses advanced technology to deliver thicker, fuller hair. Nioxin do not only specialise in shampoo and conditioners but also have many treatments and styling products. These products are all drug free.

Nioxin consultations and online questionnaires are the best way to work out what product is best for you depending on the amount of hair loss, the texture of the hair and whether the hair has been chemically treated or not.

Every day we can loose up to 100 strands of hair which is normal and some people may think that's crazy. Anything more than this may indicate thinning to the hair especially if you can see more scalp than hair. In order for us to maintain our locks we must replace the hair that we lose. Hair that has been chemically treated can cause weakness and damage to the hair. The texture of your hair is indicated by the size of your hair follicles. For example, fine hair will have small follicles and is usually straighter so will definitely have has less volume in the hair. Whereas thicker hair will have larger hair follicles and will feel a lot rougher and tougher . There are many indicators to an unhealthy scalp such as oily scalp or a dry scalp. This can stop hair follicles from breathing and growing.

What does Nioxin do?

You cannot grow heathly hair without a healthy scalp. Nioxin provides thicker more dense looking hair, it strengthens hair, increases stimulation within the scalp to encourage hair growth where there is potential growth and protects hair from damage.


Starting off with the hair system kit, this should be used twice a week. First a cleanser (shampoo) which helps to remove follicle clogging and residues from the hair. Second step is the scalp revitaliser (conditioner) this is a light weight conditioner which has to be directed onto the scalp and massaged in for a couple of minutes. This helps hair to spring back into shape and controls moisture balance through the hair. I would recommend for medium to thick hair to maybe use a more intense conditioner as Nioxin isn't going to make your hair feel amazing as its going to work within the structure of the hair. The last step is a scalp and hair leave-in treatment. This contains antioxidants and botanicals which are plant extracts to provide a healthy, refreshed scalp environment. All these products have peppermint oils in them so they will give you a slight tingly sensation when you first use them which just means the product is working and definitely makes your hair feel super clean.

These products are sold separately or in a 3 part system kit. If this is your first time using these products I would recommend the trial pack to start with. One thing that is so great about Nioxin is that you should see results in 30 days and if not you are guaranteed your money back.


The product that I have seen most change with in this range is the Diaboost intense leave in treatment. It increases thickness to each individual strand for fuller looking hair. It protects hair against damage which allows your manes to grow, helping you reach your hair goals. With a combination of caffeine, pathejnol and Niacinamide, this will provide a boost in your existing hair diameter, thickening existing hair at the roots and making hair a lot fuller and more manageable.


The Diaboost is the biggest selling Nioxin product in the world, it's really easy and quick to use which everyone loves. Spray directly onto the roots and scalp of your hair, massage in for a couple of minutes and then you are ready to style. It can also be used on dry hair. This product will definitely strengthen your hair and improve the thickness of each individual strand. It should roughly cost £30 but is definitely worth it!


This is a new addition to the Nioxin range. It is the first night time treatment they have released. The product is clinically proven to promote hair density by reducing hair fall and is an anti-ageing treatment for the scalp. Apply 2-4 drops at night evenly spread over the scalp, massage in and leave on overnight. This product doesn't have to be washed off. After 3 months of use of this treatment the scalp will be in a smother and more natural state. Hair loss will slow down so your hair will be noticeably denser, leaving your scalp in a healthy state which will improve potential hair growth.