Once they start they don't stop! 

Grey hairs are one of our biggest nightmares. No matter what age and hair type, they alway seem to pop up. There are many ways to hide them or even keep them under control between your next colour appointments. If you only have a few, the easy option is changing your parting to hide them.This will give you a different look and you won't have a financial commitment. There are many products out there which can help with hiding them and I am going to share with you my top 3 root touch ups that will last you till you next wash your hair.



This is a root cover up which instantly camouflages any greys on your head. With plenty of shades to choose from and an easy application, cover ups are coming into the hair world. So no excuse if you need to hide those greys. Apply with the smaller brush to the roots then use the bigger brush to blend so it still looks soft and natural. Once applied, let it set so you can then brush it through, or even get the hair dryer to blow off any excess. This product can be bought online or in retail stores such as Fenwick or Space NK.


I was introduced to this product quite recently. It is a perfect quick fix to disguise those grey hairs.  With a precise nozzle this spray is very easy to apply, will give you a very even distribution and an instant root cover. Shake well before using it andwrap a towel around you to protect your clothes as it can spread quite quickly. Hold the can slightly away from the roots and spray lightly, building up the colour, then use your fingertips to blend the product into your hair. For cover up of dark roots this is a perfect product. Coming in a small compact, with a double sided brush and mirror you can take this on any of your travels. Using the smaller end of the brush for precision and the bigger side for blending, you start by applying a small amount of powder to the brush and shaking it off to get rid of the excess. Do not spray can directly on grey roots as it will look very un-natural. A little goes a long way and it will last you until you next wash your hair. Costing only £9.99 it can be bought online or at Boots. It only comes in 5 shades but each one has a different tone to help everyone get their perfect colour match.



If you are looking for something more precise this root touch up is perfect for you and works as a concealer to cover up and blend those grey hairs. With a soft brush applicator, it ensures easy and even distribution on your mane. I normally love to use this product when grey hairs are just slightly starting to appear through. If you have quite big roots all the way through your hair, this product would take you a lot longer to use. Start off by removing the cap and switching the dial "on". Then slowly squeeze the tube until you start to see the product. I like to use a tissue to blend the product into the brush to give you even distribution. Similar to painting, start applying product to your roots directing the brush at a slight angle to give you a soft look.  Always remember less is more, so build it up slowly. This touch up stick does dry in very quickly and could go too thick if you use too much. Once using the product make sure you turn the dial "off" so it doesn't leak. If you find that after a few applications the brush has got clogged up, apply some water to clean it. Coming in 4 different shades, this is a speedy and easy concealer to use during your colour appointments. Costing around £24.00 you can find this touch up stick online or in some Alterna base salons.