The perfect way to keep your hair to stay.

Most of us have tried every hair product to help keep are curls and waves in place. Long lasting is key to most of us especially if it can help lock in our hair style. The Ouai haircare always seem to have something new up their sleeve. After hearing a lot about this product I needed to see if this was a hair game changer. 

A lot of people including myself spend hours alone styling our manes! The worst thing to happen is to go out and see all our hard work drop to pieces. This is where memory mist will change your life! This weightless mist is activated by heat from your hair dryer or styling tools. It locks in any style or texture you create, protecting your hair from heat up to 450 degrees while using Memory polymer technology. Helping you to use less heat, creating less damage giving you healthier long lasting hair.

As I am aware its a lot easier to see the results than read about them. So I have decided to share with you my Ouai #memorymist challenge, giving you a hair update over the last 3 days. Showing you how my waves have really lasted and how my hair feels.

I hope you enjoy xx