New year new start to the hair world. Everyone is looking for the next big thing, so I am here to present to you the mane trends. With Spring/Summer approaching let's see what the hair addicts have in store.



It's simply naturally wavy

Creating the surfer girl beach wave, keeping it really soft and textured. Creating this look giving you a slight kink and bend in the hair. An easy way to recreate the look is plaiting your hair loosely while its damp, sleeping on it so it naturally drys in a wave. Once woken take the plaits out and shake it out, using a great texture spray. I personally like to straighten the ends slightly giving you a modern twist, and adding in a few random waves using my GHD irons to give you the unperfected look.

The Low Pony

Is definitely coming back in swing. Keeping it ultra shiny and super glossy, soft and romantic for that defined wet look. Having a middle part, side parting or scraped back anything works. Sleek and straight keeping it extra long or soft and wavy to give it that textured feel. The key to this look are the perfect hair accessories.

Plaited bun

Everyone loves a braid and a knot so why not combine them together to create the ultimate hair ups. Giving you a chic top knot look from the front and an extremely unique look from behind. Great for a day to evening style, starting from one braid working your way up.

The Half Up

This is making a comeback with a modern twist. The half hearted look can be worn in many styles. Want to keep it soft, stick with a middle part and soft textured waves giving it a dreamy feel. Something a little structured, try slicking back the sides whilst leaving the top to hang over giving you a defined twist, adding a glitzy hair slide taking the look from day to night. Want the perfect 90s style, try a medium hight knot. Take a section from recession to recession all the way back underneath the crown and create a knot like bun.It doesn't have to be smooth you want to give it a natural grungy feel. Leaving the rest down slightly waved and textured creating an earthy effect.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a key this season, so embrace it and go for it. Starting with the Statement headband whether its bejewelled, studded, velvet or tiara, it completes any style and works with any hair texture.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Bottega Vennetta

Bottega Vennetta


 Wanting to add a little jewel and sparkle, using barrettes, pins and brooches to glitz up a simple look. Many of us are used to wearing these at the back of our hair, but why not try popping them on the sides above the ear to achieve the ultimate statement profile.







We are bringing back the Retro hair pins to help create that 80's feel. Using different colours, shapes and texture to build up a unique hair up.










Unused fabrics are definitely wanted this season. Helping to create unique hair bows and ties which are clipped and woven into the hair. Try mixing different textures together like lace, ribbon, sequins and string, placing them randomly through the back of your hair. Wanting something a little more simple and chic try using these materials around your ponytails.


Tips, Tricks and Trends


Knotting has become a huge hair trend this fall. It's time to create a rope type knot. Using textured twists, long loops and messy ties, this look can be used for any occasion. Don't be afraid of pulling pieces out, it's meant to be natural. Double top knots are also great and add an 80's twist. Middle part, side part or no part - everything works with this hair up.


Slick back

This trend is one that keeps capturing my eye whether its on the red carpet or down the catwalk. The wet look is making a bold comeback. This look is very chic and bold, definitely a stand-out look for an evening. It can be messily scraped back to create a more natural effortless look. A severe, sexy slick-back will give you a dramatic and structured look or even try a middle part with the sides tucked behind the ear for a sleek and softer style. This hairstyle is elegant and trendy at the same time. Many products can be used to create this hair style - mousse, gels, oils and hair sprays.

Natural waves

The time has come when effortless waves are on trend, the more natural the better. Some people may say this is the hardest style to create but these days there are so many ways to create this unique natural look. Imperfection is definitely the key idea which may be hard for some of us, but think of "sexy just got out of bed hair". Sometimes this is easily created by sleeping in plaits or buns. You can also use hair tools such as GHD stylers, tongs and wavers which are key items for soft effortless natural waves.


Vintage Finger waves

Vintage finger waves are here creating a modern twist on the ripple effect. Still having a strong outline, the waves are slightly bigger and softer. Creating these waves with a side part using a gel or texturing product, combing through the hair creating an "S" shape bend which can also be blended into a low pony tale..


Statement Partings

Strong side parts are definitely coming back this season, giving you a stronger, sharper look. Nevertheless middle partings aren't going anywhere. These partings can be worn with any length, style or for any occasion.